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Monday, September 30, 2013

The tug of war between SECP & ICAP!

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The SECP has become the one & only institution that is not only "Headless but also Powerless"

The prevailing row and tug of war between the very tow institutions i.e. SECP & ICAP , investors are worried about their investments they made within the financial markets. It is said to be believed that the acting Chairman belongs to ICMA lobby and also has close nexus with the former chairman Mr. Muhammad Ali and Advisor to SECP Mr. Abdul Rehman Qureshi. The later is said to be "a sailor to sink the titanic of SECP"; who bestowed chairmanship to Mr. Tahir Mehmood as Acting Chairman for their vested interests.

SECP issues over 100 orders against auditors in three years: Senate body informed | Business Recorder

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Indian held J & K - The file cought the jungle

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When grasped into its own soil, the Indians are running after to hold talks with Pakistan. But what in Karachi and Baluchistan, the undesired activities and immoral attitude shown by India.

J&K attack: All three terrorists killed after four-hour gunbattle at Army camp |

Sense of fear and uncertainty as Peshawar toll crosses 80 - The Hindu

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The Peshawar incident raised certain question as to why this city and church (Church of Pakistan) has been targeted. The sect within Christianity other than Catholic is choosed. On the other hand, talk are going to be held with Taliban and the government while sabotage activities are underway.

One says that it could be reaction against Karachi's targeted operation while the others say that it could be covert policy India, Israel, U.S.A to aim Pakistan by four sides to defame the country worldwide.

More importantly, the timing factor of these incidents are fingering back to the Badami Bagh, Lahore's incident where more than 15 families out of 175 have been given specific asylum in U.S.A. The doubt has been shown that people from effected religion paving the way to have asylum.

A new row to deface Pakistan!

Sphere: Related Content  Within a week time, many cases of child abduction and rape cases are story of print and electronic media now a days. The could be a new track to deface Pakistan globally. After Indian rape scandal, Pakistan is facing new war against defaming.

Raped and tortured: Girl found dead on Karachi beach – The Express Tribune